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As the largest joint in the body, the knee absorbs a great deal of pressure and can become a source of pain. Dr. Douglas Allen determines the underlying cause of your knee pain and helps you avoid surgery. Dominic Farnan also complements Dr. Allen’s treatment plans with physical therapy to help you build knee strength and avoid re-injury. Contact New York Pain Medicine in Midtown East, New York online or over the phone to start treatment today.

Knee Pain Q & A


What causes knee pain?

The knee absorbs pressure equivalent to 1.5 times your body weight every time you walk normally on level ground. When you go up stairs, pick up your pace, or carry additional weight, the force is even greater.
We also rely on our knees for almost all of our upright activity. This reliance and pressure on our knees causes wear and tear and vulnerability to injury.
An acute injury, overuse injury, or underlying condition can create pain in the knee. The causes of knee pain that Dr. Allen treats include:

  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome (runner’s knee)
  • Patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee)
  • Dislocation
  • Bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Torn ligament (i.e. ACL, MCL, or LCL)
  • Torn meniscus

 How do you diagnose the cause of knee pain?

At your initial consultation, Dr. Allen investigates your medical history, information about your injury, and underlying conditions. Next, he performs a physical exam where he assesses your knee’s reflexes, range of motion, swelling, and strength.
If Dr. Allen needs to take a closer look at the structures inside your knee, he may order X-rays or other imaging exams. He may also include labs and arthrocentesis to check for signs of inflammation or infection.

When should I consult a doctor for my knee pain?

You can contact Dr. Allen if any of the following apply to you:

  • You were involved in an accident or fall that caused injury to your knee
  • You can place little to no pressure on your knee
  • You have great difficulty walking
  • Your knee pain doesn’t go away with rest and home treatment
  • Your knee pain gets worse
  • You notice swelling and warmth around your knee

What are my treatment options for knee pain?

After a thorough examination and discussion, Dr. Allen makes his treatment recommendations. Treatment may include conservative at-home care or more progressive medical interventions.

Conservative Care

Rest, ice, and over-the-counter medications usually provide adequate treatment for minor knee injuries. Dr. Allen can also provide a knee brace or another assistive device to help support the knee while it heals.

Pain Management

Dr. Allen is an extensive resource for pain management. He uses medication, steroid injections, platelet-rich plasma, and other therapies to provide relief.

Physical Therapy

Dominic provides targeted stretches and strengthening exercises to improve the supporting muscles. He also assesses and suggests ways to improve your biomechanics.
If you suffer from knee pain, make an appointment to see Dr. Allen and start recovery today!