Aleksandra Setcka, Physical Therapist at New York Pain Medicine

Aleksandra Setcka, PT

Graduate of Collegium Medicum, Poland with a Masters degree in Physical Therapy.

Aleksandra Setcka is a graduate of Collegium Medicum, Poland with a Masters degree in Physical Therapy. Over the past six years her primary focus has been out-patient orthopedics including orthopedic diagnosis, sport specific rehabilitation, and injury prevention.

Aleksandra considers medical education to be an ongoing process and utilizes continuing education courses to enhance her skills. Her course work has included extremity and spinal evaluation and mobilization, functional analysis and management of the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex.

Aleksandra is committed and highly motivated to helping people achieve their individual goals and optimum function, whether a daily activity, training for an athletic competition or improving their overall health and wellness. Her objective is to empower individuals to intentionally care for themselves and independently maintain their therapy regimen.