Physical Therapy


Dominic Farnan, Physical Therapist at New York Pain Medicine

Dominic Farnan, Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy in Midtown Manhattan at New York Pain Medicine
425 Madison Avenue, 11th floor, New York, NY 10017

New York Pain Medicine & Physical Therapy is located in Midtown Manhattan at425 Madison Avenue, New York NY. Our Physical Therapy treatments have prevented patients from having to continually come back to the office for chronic conditions. Please understand, it is our physical therapy staff’s duty to teach you what your responsibilities are outside of the facility. This includes the education of your condition, stretching modalities, strengthening, ergonomic assessments at the workplace and home, and making sure your technique is done properly. Patients with the best results practice these techniques religiously on their own.

“Patient’s often come to us here at New York Pain Medicine & Physical Therapy with pain that has been longstanding. They have often been to many other Manhattan physical therapists without getting better. It’s when they come here to our state-of-the-art midtown Manhattan physical therapy center and have our multidisciplinary approach that they start to improve.”  ~ Dominic Farnan, NY Pain Medicine Physical Therapist


Aleksandra Setcka, Physical Therapist at New York Pain Medicine

Aleksandra Setcka, Physical Therapist

Why Physical Therapy is Critical to Maintaining Your Pain Relief 

One of the things that differentiates New York Pain Medicine & Physical Therapy from other midtown New York City physical therapy centers is that everybody here is working here as a team. As the medical director, Dr. Douglas Allen is in constant contact with our therapists and acupuncturist to ensure that their vision for each patient’s treatment regimen is accomplished.  All the notation is visible throughout all the professionals here in the office. From there, we can devise an oral medication regimen and what’s interesting is that for different types of pain certain oral medications work best.

“It is a pleasure to work with Dr Allen. He personally introduces his patients to the physical therapists and informs us about their medical assessment, as well as suggests the best treatment plan. Dr Allen follows up with us regarding his patients’ the recovery progress to makes sure they overcome their injuries.”  ~ Aleksandra Setcka,, NY Pain Medicine Physical Therapist