Medical Marijuana FAQs

dr-douglas-allenAs we become more knowledgeable regarding our patient experiences with medical marijuana, we will continue to update our website.  I am able report that we have confirmation of our patients having received their registration cards.

Q:  What is the process of obtaining medical marijuana?
A: In order to obtain medical marijuana, a patient needs to be evaluated by a registered physician licensed in New York State through the Department of Health.  In addition, the patient must be a New York State resident.  If the patient fulfills the criteria with an appropriate diagnosis, the patient is provided a printed paper certificate at the end of our consultation.  This will allow the patient to login to the New York State Department of Health, pay the fee and complete the registration process.  The patient will receive via mail a registration card that can be taken to the dispensary.  We are able to report that we have confirmation of New York Pain Medicine patients having received their registration cards.

Q: What are the types and quantities of medical marijuana will be dispensed?
A: Currently, physicians can prescribe marijuana with high/low THC vs. Cannabinoid ratio in three forms.  Oils to be used for vaporization, an oral mucosal spray and pill form.  Quantity at New York Pain Medicine will be for a monthly supply to be reevaluated at the end of the month.

Q: What types of diagnoses or conditions qualify a patient for medical marijuana?
A: Most diagnosis seen at New York Pain Medicine will fall into neuropathic and muscular pain symptoms to qualify.  Common diagnosis may include chronic back pain symptoms, muscle spasm, fibromyalgia and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Q: How is medical marijuana will be priced? 
A: Patients will need to contact the dispensary for accurate pricing information.

Q: Is medical marijuana covered by medical insurance?
A: Health insurance is not accepted as a method of payment at the dispensary.

For further questions and answers, please reference the New York State Department of Health’s formal website for patient information.  We look forward to treating you in the near future.

Dr. Allen

Dr. Douglas Allen is dual board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and interventional pain management. Pain management is a sub-specialty of medicine that has evolved over the last 15 years to better treat the specific needs of patients suffering from acute and chronic painful conditions. Dr. Allen received his interventional pain training at Jackson Memorial Hospital/ University of Miami’s Department of Anesthesiology. He received his Physiatry training at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan.