Dr. Douglas Allen, New York Pain MedicineDr. Douglas Allen provides evaluation and treatment for all conditions listed below:

Back Pain
Orthopedic Conditions
Post Surgical Rehabilitation
Herniated Discs
Annular Tears
Spinal Stenosis
Facet Arthropathy
Sacroiliac Joint Pain
Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
Whiplash Injuries
Compression Fractures
Cancer Pain
Herpes Zoster Pain
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Headaches & Migraines
General Joint Pain

Opiate Addiction Therapy

Dr. Douglas Allen has been treating opiate addiction for over 10 years. Opiate management treatments allow those who suffer with addiction to lead normal lives. The office provides the full spectrum of treatment including; weaning programs of current prescription medication, buprenorphine (Suboxone) therapy, mental health services on premise and pain management modalities including physical therapy in the office. Successful treatment programs require a comprehensive approach.

In our experience, buprenorphine (Suboxone) treatment has been the most successful opiate based medication to curb addiction. Dr. Allen is a certified buprenorphine provider. As a dual board certified pain specialist, assessment of opiate abuse history is essential to providing proper care. We look forward to treating you in the near future.