Thank you Dr. Allen for helping me manage my percocet addiction. I can finally work well throughout the day and keep my head straight. - Patient Email

We truly understand what you are feeling.

At New York Pain Medicine, we understand the implications of both short-term and chronic pain in the body. Our aim is to implement the recovery of the whole person. Proper diagnosis, accurate treatment plans and a team approach results in a healthy pain-free lifestyle.

We want you to have the life you deserve.

Working at our midtown location with a diverse staff of expert practitioners, at New York Pain Medicine our philosophy is to offer you an approach to pain management that best matches your condition – and you. We feel that it is important to offer traditional medical pain management strategies such as spinal injections as well as certified, alternative approaches including physical therapy, depending upon the client. We take the time to ensure our patients know all the options.

Dr. Douglas Allen Featured in LEADERS Magazine

Dr. Douglas Allen Featured in LEADERS Magazine

Congratulations Dr. Allen!

Dr. Douglas Allen has been featured in LEADERS Magazine. LEADERS is the only worldwide magazine that deals with the broad range of leadership thoughts and visions of the world’s most influential people. It is a quarterly forum for those select individuals who, by their position of leadership, exercise inherent influence and commanding authority over the allocation of the world’s human and material resources. Learn More About Dr. Allen’s Interview in LEADERS Magazine.

Dr. Douglas Allen, dual board certified pain physician specializing in acute and chronic conditions, is highly trained in pain management techniques that are not only highly effective but also often prevent the need for surgical intervention.

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